KCC Releases Korea's First Identi able Sealant Primer 'KP9930 (new)'

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KCC Releases Korea's First Identi able Sealant Primer 'KP9930 (new)'

Posted : 2018-03-19

KCC released sealant primer 'KP9930 (new)' for construction, which increases the adhesiveness between various building materials and sealant.

KP9930 (new) ensures construction quality by increasing adhesiveness on materials that are di cult to attach with sealant alone, and features excellent adhesiveness on most building materials.

in particular, a patent has been applied for this product (KR 10-2017- 0012269) that is designed to identify the application simply with the naked eye through the UV lamp.

KCC's product is the only one in Korea with such ability to identify among sealant primers for construction. also, unlike other products that tend to generate headaches or nausea after working for a long time in an enclosed space, this product is hypoallergenic and does not contain organic solvents that may be harmful to the human body.?

as poor primer application condition often leads to a lack?of product adhesiveness and durability, the application of primer in sealant directly leads to construction quality. KCC will continue to develop products that ensure both functional excellence and user safety, while also inducing an advanced construction culture.

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