Light-weight Gypsum board 'Lightwin' Launched

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Light-weight Gypsum board 'Lightwin' Launched

Posted : 2018-05-10

KCC launched 'Lightwin,' a gypsum board that is lighter and easier to work with. As Lightwin is 10% lighter than existing gypsum boards, it helps reduce the transportation and handling time.

Also, as its Sag-Defying Strength™ and strength to weight ratio are improved in comparison to general gypsum boards, it is optimized for use on ceilings. As large-scale fires have been breaking out recently in Korea and abroad, interest in non-inflammable building materials is also on the rise in the domestic market.

And naturally, Lightwin, KCC's representative quasi-non-inflammable finishing material is expected to receive more attention in the future.

KCC is aiming to lead the domestic building materials market with Lightwin to which an excellent weight reduction technology was applied, and will further accelerate its efforts to develop non-inflammable technology by continuously improving quality and conducting R&D to protect both lives and assets from fire.

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